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Richard Browne June 20, 2014 Product News & Updates

Dear all,

Paychoice is proud to announce that our new "billing system" has just been released. Paychoice Billing System offers merchant the ability to store customer billing details and schedule charges on them periodically. This allows the merchant to focus on honing their business process and avoid worrying about billing responsibilities as it has already been handled by Paychoice. Paychoice Billing System is PCI DSS Compliant so merchant can rest assured as their customer's billing details are stored in a safe and secure environment.

Paychoice Billing System also comes offers the option of API interfaces for merchants who have their own Point Of Sales(POS) system and is planning to use Paychoice as their payment processor. 

If YOU are a looking for payment gateway to supplement your existing or soon to be business or looking for a subscription based system, give us a call on our hotline or send us an email to enquire more information. Our contact details can be found at:


Have a nice day!

Michael August 28, 2012 Frequently Asked Questions

The latest Paychoice API can be found on the Paychoice under the developers section.